How to Say Someone is Right?

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2016年9月8日
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Yes, that's right – this is a general response to agree.
Example: If someone asks you “Are you the sister/brother of xyz, you can say “Yes, that’s right”.

You're quite right – this is used when the person concerned is not completely right.
Example: John meets his friend Mark who is getting divorced. John tells him “Hey, you’re divorced, right?” Mark replies “You’re quite right, my divorce is in process”.

Yes, that's correct – neutral response for agreement.
Example: Are you an English student? Yes that’s correct.

That's spot on – mostly used to praise and agree. It is a British slang for "well done", "perfect" or "right on”.
Example: The food in England might not always be so good, but the brew in the pubs are spot on every time.

You're dead right (there) – used to agree with people in a meeting, discussions or general conversations.
Note: the opposite of dead right can be dead wrong
You are dead right about his idea. It just will not work.
He is dead right. Our products are not competitive.

You've hit the nail on the head- means to be exactly right about something.
Example: Mike hit the nail on the head when he said most people can use a computer without knowing how it works.
You could say so -70 % agreement
Example: You go for a movie with your friends and after the movie one of your friend says “the movie was awesome” and you reply “you could say so” because everyone else didn’t like the movie.

I'm afraid so – means I believe regrettably, the answer is yes.
Example: Alice: Do you have to go?
John: I’m afraid so.