Phrases every CAR Owner must know

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年7月23日
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Car payment:
Car payment stands for the monthly payments that you have to be to words your car if you have bought your car by taking a loan from the bank.these monthly payments can also be termed as Car EMI. EMI stands for easy monthly installment.

Car insurance
Car insurance stand for the insurance policy that you take mobile for your car. This insurance policy covers you for any expense that might occur due to an accident or damage to your car.

Automotive taxes
Mean taxes that you pay on your car. Now, depending on the country that you live in you will have to pay certain taxes when you buy yourself a car. Taxes actually stand for the small fee that you have to pay to the government when you buy an ass it like a car.

Parking garage
This stands for an uncovered a covered parking space for your car. This parking space could be in your house or in your building.

Pump the gas
Now this phrase stands for filling your car with fuel, now this you could be petrol or diesel or any other kind of fuel depending on your car. So if you're saying I want to pump gas it means that you want to fill fuel in your car. The word gas here stands for fuel.

Type of gas
Type of gas means the type on the kind of fuel that you wish to fill in your car. Heavy Vehicles generally run on Diesel, cars may run on petrol or diesel depending on the preference of the owner.

Gas tank
Gas tank stands for the tank which holds the fuel in the car. When you will you will you fill it in the gas tank; if you feel it to its maximum capacity it's called a full tank.

Oil change
Oil change stands for the process of changing the fluids and the oils or engine oils of the car in order to lubricate the car and keep it in good condition. This process needs to be carried out on a regular basis in order to keep the car running smoothly.

Air pressure
Air pressure stands for the pressure in all the four tires of the car. This pressure needs to be maintained at the correct number in order for the car to function smoothly, hence it is very important to keep checking the air pressure regularly.

Get a flat
This Phrase stands for a puncture in one or more tyres of the car. Once that is the puncture in the tyre of the car it is called a flat tyre. So if you say in English I got a flat for my car got a flat, it means that you have a punctured tyre.

Got a spare
This term stand for the fact that you have a spare tyre to change in case you have had a punctured tyre. Please spare tyre is also called a stepney. This name is derived from a Street in Wales. It was on this street called Stepney that spare tyres were first produced.

Body work
Bodywork stands for any work or repair work that is connected to the outer body of the car. Sometimes an accident it is quite possible that the outer body or structure of the car is damaged. In such a scenario body work is required to be done in a car workshop.

Dent stands for a small indentation or not or hole or recess caused in the body of the car due to impact of another object.
When such a Dent is caused, the process of denting & painting is done in order to repair it.

Towing stands for the pulling or dragging away of your car by a heavier vehicle. This normally happens if your car is parked in a no parking zone. This is when a government vehicle or a traffic police vehicle made to away your car for being parked in the wrong place.