SHAPES - Low Intermediate English for KIDS and ADULTS

source: JenniferESL    2016年8月11日
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Join Alex and Natasha as they talk about common SHAPES. English vocabulary for young learners and learners young at heart!

0:05 Introduction. Common shapes around us.
0:17 Lesson title
0:29 Circle
0:33 Oval
(Note: "Oval" is used in everyday English. Eggs have a narrow top and a wider bottom. An ellipse is a perfectly symmetrical oval.
0:44 Rectangle
0:54 Triangle
0:59 Square
1:07 Short review: a look at common objects
1:40 What are polygons?
2:06 Rhombus
2:19 Parallelogram
3:02 Trapezoid
3:34 Pentagon, hexagon, octagon
3:53 Three dimensions: height, width, depth
4:14 Sphere
4:24 Cylinder
4:30 Rectangular prism
4:36 Cube
4:41 Cone
5:00 Pyramid
5:17 Lesson ending