Talking about BAD people - Advanced English speaking Lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年9月12日
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A crook: is a criminal or a dishonest person.
A villain: is a criminal or an unpleasant person. We often have people playing a negative character in a film. We called them a villain. A female villain is called a vileness
A scumbag: is a person who is morally wrong but is of a low status.
An evil witch: is used for women, an evil woman.
A psycho/psychopath: is a person who engages into anti social or evil behaviour without thinking about the victims
A nasty piece of work: is someone who is cruel and mean. They do mean things.
A creep: is an odd personality. They behave in an odd way. Maybe someone hides behind a tree and keeps staring at you. It scares you because you do not know his intentions.
A two faced cow: is someone who talks sweetly on your face and talks bad about you behind your back. Mainly used to describe a woman’s behavior.
A ruthless person: is shrewd and who makes decisions without thinking about anybody.