Talking about likes and dislikes -- Advance English Lesson ( Expressions & Phrases)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2014年2月7日
In this lesson, Ceema tells you about the different phrases you could use to express your likes and dislikes. If you love something, it means you have extreme passion for something or desire it.

# the expressions used to say you love something:
1. I love eating ice creams : 'love' is used to express intense desire.
2. I adore sunbathing: 'adore' is another way to say you love sunbathing.
3. She's crazy about John: 'crazy' is used to say she's mad about John to show intense desire or passion.

# If you neither like nor dislike something, you may use the below expressions:
1. I don't mind doing house work : 'don't mind' is used to express that you are okay with the idea of doing something.
2. I don't really care either way : If you are given a choice of going to the cafe or for a movie; and if you are okay with both the options or can't make up your mind, you use this phrase.
3. It's all the same to me : You say this when you are uncertain about the options given to you. They all sound the same and you can't choose.

# When you hate something, it means it is beyond your tolerance level and you can't put up with it.
1. I can't stand my boss : 'can't stand' is used to express how much you hate your boss.
2. I detest being late : 'detest' is way of saying extreme hatred and you can't put up with something.
3. I can't bear watching golf : 'can't bear' means you just can't tolerate watching golf.
4. I loathe bacon : 'loathe' is used to say you feel disgusted about something.