10 English phrasal verbs about socializing

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A phrasal verb is a combination of words (a verb + a preposition or verb +adverb) that when used together, usually take on a different meaning as compared to the original verb. So phrasal verbs can basically be used to in daily English conversation to sound more like a native speaker. They can also be used to make you sound conversational and fluent in spoken English. So let’s have a look at some useful phrasal verbs that can be used to socialize and sound confident.
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Ask over - to invite someone to your house to stay with you for sometime
I’m going to ask Mrs. Smith over to my place tomorrow.
To ask out – inviting someone for a date
John wants to ask Amy out on a date.
Bring over – to get things from one place to another may be someone’s house or any other place
Please bring over your movie DVD, so we can watch some movies tonight.
Pop in/stop in/ stop by- to visit someone for a short period of time
Can I stop by/pop in/ stop in for a little while.
Drop in – visit someone unexpectedly
My uncle dropped in this afternoon.
Drop off – leave someone at a certain place
I dropped off my Mom at the supermarket.
Pick up –bring someone from a certain place
James is going to the airport to pick up his Son.
Meet up – decide to meet at a decided time and place
My friends and I are meeting up at Ruby Tuesdays.
To come over – invite someone to your house for a longer period of time
Would you like to come over to my place while your house is being renovated?

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