At the restaurant (English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 35)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年9月28日
Lesson 35: At the restaurant.
Rebecca: This looks like a nice restaurant.
Scott: Yeah, it is. I come here all the time.
Rebecca : Let's sit over there.
Scott: OK.
Rebecca: Can you pass me a menu please.
Scott: Sure. What are you going to have to drink?
Rebecca: I'm going to have a glass of beer. How about you?
Scott: I think I'll have a glass of wine.
Rebecca: Do you want to order an appetizer first?
Scot : Not really, maybe we can just order some bread.
Rebecca: OK. What are you going to have to eat?
Scott: I'm not sure. I haven't decided yet. Can you recommend something?
Rebecca: Sure, I've had the steak and the lobster before. They're both very good.
Scott: I think I'll have the lobster. What are you going to have?
Rebecca: I'm not that hungry. I think I'm just going to have a salad.
Scott: I'm gonna go to the bathroom. When the waitress comes back, will you order for me?
Rebecca: Sure. No problem.
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