English Idiom 'Daylight Robbery'

source: Twominute English    2013年8月4日
We use the idiom 'daylight robbery' or 'robbed in daylight" to react to an unfairly high price of something that you are buying. It means that you are charged too much for something or some service. In this English tutorial video you will learn about the meaning and use of the idiom 'daylight robbery'. Let's learn from this video how you can use this idiom in your conversations.
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0:05 let's learn about the Indian daylight robbery
0:09 in this lesson and how to use it in your conversations
0:18 supposedly the restaurant had a cup of tea
0:21 which you usually get or two dollars everything will get
0:25 suddenly they treat the price that five dollars
0:29 that's I daylight robbery that surely daylight robbery
0:34 the a-team daylight robbery means that somebody is charging you very high
0:39 prices
0:40 for something are some service yes
0:43 daylight robbery means unfair overcharging
0:47 isn't a deal which is used when you were upset or angry
0:52 that's right Duke we can't use this casually
0:56 or implied conversations it's an expression that they did nation
1:00 a person who uses this probably isn't going to buy the item which cause this
1:05 emotion
1:06 I agree up sometimes
1:09 either the market and when they tried a few hours hurt me
1:13 I tell them it's daylight robbery and I never write that thing
1:17 good we mustn't allow people to overcharge us
1:22 let's listen to some conversations now
1:30 what's teacher how don't match
1:33 I got from the new online store for how much
1:38 I hate twenty dollars online for this but they charge the next three hours for
1:43 delivery
1:44 Wow that was
1:47 too much me how do you ensure daylight
1:51 yeah is a complete daylight robbery
1:54 it's not eaten bread
2:02 we have to stay a night Minister tell so expenses
2:06 I say there once or twice it wasn't so expensive
2:10 back head they charged us a hundred and twenty dollar store
2:14 very small sweet I'll come on that's daylight robbery
2:19 last night he is sixty dollars for the best suit they had
2:22 a hundred and twenty dollars for that sweet is
2:25 just not where the al
2:33 hey buddy how much is at all it's one hundred and eighty dollars
2:39 well expense it what's the best price you can get a
2:44 I'm afraid there's no bargaining the price is this
2:48 man just because you're the only score shot in town
2:53 it doesn't mean you can't do eight daylight robbery
2:56 sorry but that's a
2:59 limited edition ball signed by nasty I can show you another one
3:04 and good price from a deterrent
3:10 that's I daylight robbery
3:17 Wow that was too much
3:21 me called you a shorter daylight
3:35 yeah is a complete daylight robbery it's not eaten bread
3:47 well come on that's daylight robbery
3:55 man just because you're the only source
3:58 out in town it doesn't mean you can't do eight daylight robbery