Saying Goodbye In English

source: Twominute English    2013年8月9日
Learning how to say goodbye is something that everyone needs to learn. You can say goodbye in many ways. It might not be the hardest thing to learn but it is not the easiest either. There are some things you need to keep in mind before saying goodbye such as what part of the day it is, how well you know the person, etc.
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0:19 when you were going somewhere or when you separate from someone
0:22 you say goodbye you can simply say bye
0:26 but there are a number of different ways in which you can say
0:29 goodbye that's correct no
0:32 of different ways is important because then you can understand
0:36 how to properly respond to people understand what they're saying to you
0:41 saying goodbye when you're saying goodbye
0:45 you can say bye goodbye see you later
0:48 or see you soon these are all universal praise is for farewells
0:53 and you can use them with anyone being a senior
0:56 a friend a relative or someone younger from this list
1:00 goodbye is the formal way to finish a conversation and say
1:04 that you're leaving hosted by
1:07 you can also say it was a pleasure meeting you it was a pleasure talking to
1:12 you
1:12 or it was a pleasure when you meet someone for the first time
1:16 there's not a thing I would like to tell you always say
1:20 goodnight instead goodbye at night
1:24 that's a great point now
1:27 let's talk about the informal ways of saying goodbye
1:32 when you're separating from a friend or someone close
1:35 you can use the informal phrases that maybe
1:38 buying see a or catch you later
1:41 right we use these phrases
1:44 and we say goodbye to our friends colleagues
1:48 lanes I'm just someone who is equal to you or younger than you
1:52 you can also ask phrases like take care
1:56 gotta go or see you tomorrow
1:59 in addition to get by to make your purse
2:03 I hope this extra learning lesson was helpful
2:06 and now you are better at saying goodbye to people don't forget to watch the
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2:14 see you soon