Speaking about ‘Music’ (Phrases - Liking & Disliking Music)

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Vocabulary related to music:
Song/ track/number – usually refers to a recorded piece of music. Number is used for an informal reference to songs.
Lyrics – means the wordings of a song.
Melody/tune- means the music of a song.
Instrumental piece is a song that comprises only music and no lyrics.
Singer/ Artist – The one who sings the song
Example – John Legend is a great artist. I really like his numbers.
Duet – A piece of music sung by two people.
Example: Tonight she sings a duet with her husband at the party.
Example song: I’m your angel – R.Kelly and Celine Dion
Solo: A piece of music performed by one person.
Example: Photograph by Ed Sheeran is a Solo song.

Talking about common music events:
Concert – An onstage/live performance by one or more singers. It is a onetime event which goes on for a few hours.
Audience- people watching/ enjoying the concert
Music festivals: this usually lasts for a period of time - like 15 days or a month (unlike concert) over which various artists perform live concerts.

Liking Music
# It's a timeless classic – means evergreen song which brings some memories
# It was a smash hit - very popular song which probably topped the Billboard charts

Disliking Music (Sounding polite):
# It’s too unlike the music I normally listen to – means different from the music I usually hear
# It's very cheesy - means cheap/ not so good