What's the difference between work, a job, and business?

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2013年8月24日
In this video lesson Ceema uses "work", "job", and "business" differently.
"Work" is not only something that you do for money, it's also a place that you go to every day. We talk about "going to work" in the morning, and at the end of the day when you see your spouse or roommate, you ask: "How was work?" So, "work" means as being all the things that happen while you're working.
The word "job" has more to do with the company you work for, and what kind of work you do. Some good phrases to think of when you think of the word "job" are "find a job", "lose your job", "job hunting", "my job is (fun/boring/difficult/etc.)"
"Business English" has come to mean a specific type of language which is used in the business world. It's polite and usually a bit formal. It brings to mind images of talking to a customer or client, shaking hands, negotiating, sending important e-mails, and so on. It also includes economic terminology and vocabulary for talking about companies that you might learn in a traditional "business English" textbook.
Another common use of the word "business" is talking about a small store or company that you own yourself. So also include some phrases for talking about owning and running a business.
The difference between these words in the real world can be a little fuzzy. But it may help to think about "work", "job", and "business" in this way when you use these words in your daily life.