2-Word Expressions in English (Say MORE with LESS)

source: Learn English with Rebecca    2016年11月16日
My pleasure. Allow me. Well done! Upgrade your English conversation skills easily and quickly with two-word expressions like these, used by native speakers every day. Today I'll teach you ten short expressions that you can learn quickly. The best part is that they are easy, and can be used in any situation – formal or informal; business, social, or academic. You'll learn how to give compliments, make suggestions, give warnings, and show agreement with your friends, co-workers, and strangers. Improve your conversation skills by saying more with less!
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1. Well done!
2. Well said!
3. My please.
4. Allow me.
5. Help yourself.
6. Watch out!
7. After you.
8. No problem.
9. Take care!
10. Will do.