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source: Daily Listening    2016年10月5日

0:05 now what do you know about Robin Hood
0:08 okay well he wore green tights
0:11 yes he did he was good at archery mhm he
0:14 had a girlfriend called Maid Marian he
0:18 was English although sometimes he has an
0:21 American accent in Hollywood films are
0:25 there was a great disney cartoon series
0:27 using animal characters Robin and Maid
0:30 Marian with foxes anything else
0:33 what about being an outlaw or criminal
0:36 heroically fighting against injustice
0:38 and corruption
0:39 oh yeah there's all that stuff as well
0:41 robbing the rich and giving to the poor
0:43 yes yet he lived in sherwood forest with
0:46 a band of merry men
0:47 yes he did ok it sounds like you watched
0:50 a lot of TV and film versions but
0:52 haven't read the literature
0:53 oh come on Alice have you read the
0:55 literature yes i have i studied English
0:58 at university and one of my specialist
1:01 subjects was medieval literature the
1:04 Middle Ages or medieval period lasted in
1:06 Europe from the 5th to the 15th century
1:09 IC and i'm guessing that Robin Hood is
1:12 the subject of today's show
1:13 absolutely you're right so here's a
1:16 question for you kneel when do we find
1:18 the first reference to Robin Hood in
1:21 English literature was it in the a
1:24 5th century be
1:28 10th century or see
1:31 14th century well I'm going to go for
1:35 the middle one and that's be the 10th
1:38 century
1:39 okay well we'll find out if you're right
1:40 or wrong later on
1:42 now why do you think the stories of
1:44 Robin Hood have lasted from the middle
1:46 ages through to the modern-day well I
1:48 suppose it's got appeal on lots of
1:51 levels action-adventure there's some
1:54 comedy stuff there with the the merry
1:56 men and of course a romance like i said
1:58 before yes indeed but actually the early
2:01 versions of Robin Hood were very violent
2:04 let's listen to Professor Thomas harm
2:06 talk about one of the ballots called the
2:08 monk the monk is I think for most modern
2:13 audiences who either seen movies or or
2:17 read children's stories or whatever
2:18 quite disturbing and in terms of its
2:20 levels of violence yet it in terms of
2:23 trying to make some comparisons with
2:25 popular culture and it seems to me that
2:26 it's really a second level of sopranos
2:28 in terms of things like dismembered
2:30 bodies and actual violence and
2:32 assassinations what's a ballad Alice
2:37 well it's a song or poem that tells a
2:40 story people were telling stories of
2:43 robin hood for a long time before they
2:45 were written down and performing them to
2:47 really and how about the comparison
2:49 between the Robin Hood ballads in the
2:51 sopranos now the sopranos is a popular
2:53 us TV series about gangsters maybe I
2:57 should get the monk on audiobook well I
2:59 think
3:00 yesyes I don't think you'd find it
3:02 disturbing what disturbing means making
3:04 you feel upset or shocked assassinations
3:08 are the murder of important people often
3:10 for political reasons and dismembered
3:12 bodies our bodies that have been cut or
3:15 torn to pieces right it sounds like
3:18 medieval entertainment for guys you know
3:20 like martial arts movies these days well
3:22 yes you may be right now do you remember
3:25 you mentioned Maid Marian at the started
3:27 the show i do em well actually in the
3:30 early ballots there is no maid marian
3:32 she appears in later versions along with
3:34 other characters we know well today but
3:37 Robin is always a trickster and a man
3:40 with a bow in a Woodmoor trickster is
3:42 someone who deceives
3:43 or cheats people that's impressive Alice
3:46 you certainly know your medieval ballads
3:48 yes I do so what's appealing about this
3:51 man with a bow
3:52 let's listen to professor Han again what
3:56 he represents I think it's a kind of
3:58 strong and forceful masculinity on that
4:01 operates on its own terms and for its
4:04 own interests and that's I think what we
4:06 have my own stories what does it mean to
4:10 operate on your own terms Alice well
4:13 Neal it means to do what you want
4:15 according to your own rules and
4:17 masculinity means the quality is typical
4:20 of a man now remember my question from
4:22 earlier I asked when do we find the
4:25 first reference to Robin Hood in English
4:27 literature was it in the a fifth-century
4:31 be
4:33 10th century or C 14th century and I
4:38 said be 10th century
4:40 yes well I'm afraid you are wrong meal
4:43 the first reference occurs in english
4:46 poet William Langland book Piers Plowman
4:48 written between 1370 and 1390 sloth the
4:54 lazy priest says I cannot partly my
4:58 Pater Noster at the priest its zenith
5:00 but I can rhymes of robin hood and
5:03 Randolph Earl of Chester Wow Alice and
5:09 he translate that into modern English
5:10 place and maybe that's for another show
5:13 maybe in this area can we just have
5:15 today's words again please we certainly
5:16 can and we can have those in modern
5:18 English okay here they are
5:21 outlaw
5:23 medieval period or Middle Ages
5:28 ballad
5:31 disturbing
5:34 assassinations
5:36 dismembered bodies
5:40 trickster
5:43 operate on your own terms
5:46 masculinity