"If Only Walls Could Talk" (Oral Reading Fluency 21)

source: JenniferESL    2016年10月31日
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The readings in this series use HIGH FREQUENCY VOCABULARY.
This text uses words from General Service List (GSL) #1-575
Exceptions: window (#632) and secret (#944)

0:01 Topic
0:41 Title
0:52 Vocabulary Note
2:07 First Reading: listen
3:05 Second Reading: listen and repeat
5:11 Third Reading: slow reading
6:31 Fourth Reading: natural pace
7:30 Post-reading Thoughts

The house had stood for more than a century, and there wasn’t anything modern about it. Old was only one word to describe the place. Among the local people, the house was the subject of much talk…and wonder.
Years ago the farm served a family well. One couldn’t pass the property without noting its beauty.
Then one day the entire family was gone, yet many things remained. It was so sudden that the whole situation raised questions.
The house had fallen quiet. Its dark windows held secrets. If only walls could talk.

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