Improve Your Vocabulary: 50+ Shades of Colors in English!

source: EnglishLessons4U     2016年11月28日
Are your walls white, or eggshell white? Is your car blue, or electric blue? You already know your basic colors in English, now let's take them to the next level! Today, you'll learn the shades of colors. I'll explain them and you'll get to see them on screen. We mostly take these names from things around us, like foods, drinks, animals, and machines. This video is especially important if you're buying paint, are interested in art, or work in any area of design. It'll also help you communicate more clearly and fluently in English. Listen carefully and you'll ace the quiz! What's your favourite color? Tell me in the comments, and don't just say 'black'!

# red: crimson, wine, geranium, cherry
# black: ebony, onyx, raven, sable, night shade
# purple: lavender, lilac, mauve, violet, amethyst
# orange: cantaloupe, carrot, marigold, tangerine
# green: avocado, lime, chartreuse, jade, kelly, sage
# blue: sapphire, navy, baby, sky, indigo, cobalt, azure
# yellow: amber, blonde, gold, lemon, sunshine
# pink: salmon, rose, blush, peach, coral
# white: frosted, milk/cream, alabaster, pearl