Phrasal verbs with WITH

source: MrSkypelessons     2016年11月3日
Here is an English lesson on some of the most common phrasal verbs which contain the preposition WITH. Answer the following questions:
1) Which of your possession would be impossible to part with?
2) What could you do with, right now?
3) Do you find it difficult to put up with the cold weather?
4) Which laws would you like to do away with ?
5) If your salary went down by 10%, would you have it out with the boss?
6) Which party do you side with in the upcoming election?
7) Would you be able to live with yourself if you were doing a downright immoral though highly paid job?
8) Could you make do with a tent if there were no other accommodation for the next month?
9) Who do you get on with most in your family?
10) What's the best idea you have ever come up with?

side with
toy with
play/go along with
take s.t up with
made do with (settle for)
live with
put up with
keep up with
catch up with
have it out with
get on/along with
go with
get off with, make out with, hook up with
get it over with
get away with
make off with
part with
finish with
do away with
can/could do with
come up with
come out with

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