Grammar: The Adjective Clause (Relative Clause)

source: English Lessons with Adam   2016年11月14日
The lesson that you are about to watch is about adjective clauses, of which there are two in this sentence. Can you see them? In some grammar books, you may see the adjective clause called the "relative clause". Don't get confused -- they are the same thing. In this lesson, you will learn the difference between the two types of adjective clauses -- the defining adjective clause, and the modifying adjective clause. I'll also answer a common question people have about clauses: "Should I use a comma or not?". After this lesson, you will be able to spot adjective clauses of all forms and use them to take your English writing and speaking to the next level.
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# click for more video on 1) What is an adjective/relative clause? and 2) adjective/relative clauses and relative pronouns