Idiom : Dead Right

source: Twominute English     2013年7月26日
The meaning of the idiom 'dead right' is that something or someone is totally correct. This idiom means that somebody is right without a doubt.
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0:07 In this lesson, you will learn about the idiom 'dead right' and how to use it in your conversations.
0:19 To be 'dead right' means to be certain that something or someone is correct.
0:24 Yes, this is an idiom which means that something is correct without a doubt.
0:29 Will you give us an example, Susan?
0:33 Sure! You were dead right when you said that Mike would arrive sharply at 9.
0:37 Good example. That was because I know Mike very well. So, 'dead right' means something is absolutely correct.
0:47 Right. This is an expression that we can use when we want to agree with people, right?
0:52 You're dead right, it is!
0:54 Very good, Sam. You've used it correctly!
0:58 Thank you, Susan. Okay, let's learn more by listening to some conversations.
1:04 Good idea! It'll be helpful.
1:13 Glory, where are the car keys?
1:15 I saw you put them in your pocket.
1:18 I'm sorry, I don't think they're there.
1:20 They were in the right pocket of your blue coat, I'm telling you.
1:25 Hey, you're dead right! The keys were there all along.
1:34 Man, tell me how to find who's that annoying caller. I don't recognize the number.
1:42 He just keeps calling and hanging up?
1:45 Yes, and when I call back, no one ever picks up.
1:49 I bet it's your little brother. Call the number from my phone.
1:53 You're dead right! It was him.
1:57 See? Don't get stressed over such small things, Sam.
2:06 Sam, can you guess the speed of the latest super train?
2:10 Sure I can. It's faster than the normal train!
2:14 Clever answer. You're dead right, my friend!
2:22 Glory, do you know the answer to the math question on page 3?
2:27 Yep, it's 5.555
2:31 Dead right!
2:32 Math is my best subject. Ask me another.
2:38 You're dead right, it is!
2:46 Hey, you're dead right!
2:52 You're dead right!
2:56 You're dead right, my friend!
3:01 Dead right!