Phrasal Verbs in English Conversation Course - Lesson 1

source: Espresso English    2013年8月26日
Emily: Who was that guy you were talking to at the bar? It looked like he was hitting on you.
Sarah: Yeah, we struck up a conversation, and eventually he asked me out. I gave him my number, but I'm not sure if I'll actually go out with him.
Emily: Oh? How come?
Sarah: He's nice, but I just don't feel like we have much chemistry -- so I don't want to lead him on.
Emily: Well, don't be too quick to judge. My last boyfriend and I didn't hit it off right away -- I only started to fall for him after we went out a few times and I got to know him better. We were together for 3 years.
Sarah: So why'd you split up? If you don't mind my asking.
Emily: Not at all. We just started to drift apart -- different interests, different plans for the future. The breakup was mutual.
Sarah: Ah, that's great. My last relationship was a nightmare -- I hooked up with a guy at a New Year's party and we were together for six months -- but we were constantly fighting and making up. I don't know how I put up with him for so long.
Emily: How'd it end?
Sarah: He cheated on me -- I caught him making out with his ex. He begged me for another chance, but I know he was just trying to jerk me around -- so I said no.
Emily: Ugh! Good for you.
Sarah: Heh, thanks. So how about you -- are you going out with anyone at the moment?
Emily: Oh, I've gone on a few dates here and there, but nothing serious. To be honest, I'm not really interested in settling down just yet -- I'm enjoying the single life too much!

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