American Sex Slang: The SEX Alphabet with Ronnie

source: Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid]     2017年1月4日
Do you want to have sex with an American? Well, you're going to have to be able to TALK about sex like an American! Learn some fun and dirty sex slang in this video and start banging native speakers today! English has lots of sex vocabulary and slang. So does every language, but English is what I'm teaching. Today you'll learn more than 26 of these dirty words in English. You won't learn this in your grammar book, and you might not even find these definitions in your dictionary, but you'll hear these words on TV, on the street, and if you're lucky, in your bedroom. That's why I'm here, doing this public service…teaching you REAL English for REAL life! IELTS? Fuck IELTS! I want you to have a hard-on for learning English! After the lesson, don't go jerk off—take the quiz on engVid at: Or jerk off first if you want…but take the quiz after you're done! Uhhh... this video is not for kids.

1. Sex With Ronnie:
2. Rude slang for body parts - COCK, PUSSY, ASS, BALLS... :
3. Sex Slang: Paying for it: