Talking about a song

source: Twominute English     2012年11月7日
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0:07 In this lesson we are going to talk about songs.
0:10 Discussing a new hit.
0:13 Hey Andy! Have you heard the new song Call me maybe?
0:18 I don't know.
0:19 It goes like this.
0:21 Hey, I just met you and this is crazy.
0:26 I think I heard that already.
0:28 I am sure you did.
0:29 Isn't that one of the hottest songs today?
0:33 It is! I am going to sing that song at a party.
0:38 Talking about artists
0:40 I didn't know Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj sang a song together.
0:45 It's called Beauty and the Beat.
0:49 That sounds like an interesting song.
0:49 That sounds like an interesting song.
0:52 Yes it is, the teenagers love it.
0:56 I have it on my MP3 player.
0:59 Oh please let me hear it.
1:01 Wait. It's on my playlist. Let me load it.
1:05 You really are into new songs!
1:08 Of course I am! Here, listen to the song now.
1:12 A crazy song!
1:14 This song sounds crazy! What's the title?
1:18 They call it Gangnam Style.
1:21 Odd name. Who's the artist?
1:24 His name is Psy.
1:27 I haven't heard of him before.
1:30 That's okay. He's Korean.
1:32 Favorite song.
1:34 What's your favorite song Jane?
1:37 I really love You gotta by by Des'ree.
1:42 That's an old classic.
1:45 I am a big fan of Queen and I love I wanna beak free.
1:50 That's a great song. I love it too.
1:54 Yes. Queen was the greatest band ever to exist.
1:59 I don't know. There were so many good ones.
2:03 But Queen was the best.
2:04 If you say so Andy.
2:06 Now it's time to practice the phrases.
2:09 You can repeat after me.
2:12 It's a hot song.
2:17 This song is number one on the charts.
2:28 It's on my playlist.
2:28 It's on my playlist.
2:34 Who is the singer?
2:40 What's your favorite song?
2:48 That's a great song. I love it too.
2:59 Till the next time on Bye bye.