What is ain't?

source: Neil Collins     2017年1月11日
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Main part:
So "ain't" means "am not", "are not", "is not" or "do not have" or "does not have". But "ain't" is slang, so it's probably closer to the contracted forms of those words, so what that means is, "ain't" is closer to "amn't", "aren't", "isn't", "doesn't have", "don't have":
It's often used with the verb "to be", but it's also used with "there" and you can also use twitch the verb "have".

So, let's have look at what that looks like. So as I as I said, it's often used with the verb "to be". So, for example:
I am not
You are not
She is not
He is not
We are not
You are not
They are not

But of course, as it's slang, it's closer to the contracted forms. So, the contracted forms of those would be:
I amn't or I'm not
You aren't
She isn't
He isn't
It isn't
We aren't
You aren't
They aren't

And you can also use it with "there".
There isn't
So, that would be, for example:
I ain't
You ain't
She ain't
He ain't
It ain't
And you don't need to use the subject there. So, often, for example in songs, you would just say "ain't". And you would mean "I ain't". Or "ain't", and that could mean "you ain't". So we don't always use the subject. With "we aren't", it would be "we ain't", "you aren't", "you ain't", "they aren't", "they ain't". And then for example with "there isn't", you could say "there ain't". "They don't have", "they ain't" and "doesn't have" could be "he ain't".

So, let's have a look at some song lyrics. In these lyrics, what does "ain't" mean?

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
So that means: there isn't any sunshine when she's gone.
Ain't no mountain high enough.
So, that means: there isn't any mountain high enough.
If I ain't got you
And that means: if I don't have you.
You ain't going nowhere.
Means: "you aren't going anywhere".
And "Ain't nothing going on but the rent"
There isn't anything going on but the rent.

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