10 Valentine’s Day Slang Words you'd Love

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2017年2月13日

To have the hots for – To be extremely attracted to someone
Eg- He’s got the hots for my cousin.

Mack on – To hit on someone or to flirt with someone
Eg- All he knows is macking on the girls.

Puppy love – young love or infatuation. Many young kids these days get the feeling of love and romance but it is just an infatuation.
Eg- It’s just puppy love; you need to start concentrating on your projects.

Trophy wife – The young and attractive wife of a wealthy, famous or important man. She is more like a Status symbol for her husband.
Eg) I spotted John with his new trophy wife at the concert last week.

To go Hogging – To go out seeking less desirable women, or to pursue overweight women with the intentions of just having sex with them.
Eg) let’s give the fat ladies a chance, let us all go hogging.

Manicorn – The elusive perfect man who is charming, attractive, successful, and funny but he doesn’t exist.
Eg- I’m still single, still holding out for my manicorn.

Cupcake – To stay home romancing with your lover rather than going out.
We had planned a dinner out for valentines, but we just cupcaked.

Up one’s butt - Being obsessed with another person and always being glued.
Eg – She’s totally up James butt these days.

Whipped – Extremely obedient and being true to your partner.
Eg – His girlfriend has him whipped.

Bugaboo – An annoying person especially one making unwanted sexual advances.
Eg- That bugaboo keeps texting me all day long.