Animal Idioms - 1 -

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年5月12日

A Dinosaur
A dinosaur is someone who is considered to be old for their job.
That professor has been here for ages! He's such a dinosaur!

Something fishy is weird or suspicious.
There's something fishy in this soup and it's making me nervous.

Horse Around
To horse around is to play around or do no productive work
My children always want to horse around, so they never get anything done.

The Lion's Share
The lion's share is the biggest or best portion of something.
Mike is bigger than me, so he always gets the lion's share of the food.

Pig Out
To pig out means to eat too much.
I can't help myself! When I see cake, I just pig out!

Play Cat And Mouse
To play cat and mouse means to be tricky or evasive with someone.
The professional athlete played cat and mouse with the press after he was caught using drugs.

Turn Turtle
To turn turtle is to flip upside down.
We were in trouble when our boat turned turtle and we had to swim to shore.

A whale of...
A whale of something means something huge, or very, very big.
There's a whale of a difference between a pond and an ocean.