Body Part Idioms - 1 -

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年6月6日
Here are some fun body part idioms from!

All Ears
To be all ears means to listen very attentively.
Tell me about the party tomorrow. I'm all ears!

Eagle Eyes
Someone with eagle eyes sees or notices things amazingly well.
My boss has eagle eyes. He sees everything people in my department do.

Put Your Feet Up
To put your feet up means to sit back and relax.
After a hard day at work, I like to sit down and put my feet up.

To be two-faced means to be deceitful, untrue or insincere.
I didn't like that two-faced salesman. He looked nice, but he seemed like he just wanted to take my money.

Lip Service
If you pay lip service to something, you say you support it but don't actually do anything helpful.
Many companies pay lip service to diversity while not actually doing anything to promote it.

Up In Arms
To be up in arms means to be very upset and angry.
The community was up in arms after the mayor was caught stealing money from the town.

Go Belly Up
To go belly up means to be unsuccessful or dead. This phrase is usually used for businesses and projects. Just think of a dead goldfish floating with its belly up in a bowl.
The company lost cash for years and finally went belly up.

Go Head To Head
To go head to head means to fight or compete with someone directly.
The two boxers went head to head in the amazing fight.