Food Idioms -1-

source: EnglishAnyone     2011年7月20日
Here are some tasty food idioms from!
Take The Cake
To take the cake means to be number #1! This idiom can mean both very good and very bad!
The final runner takes the cake for being the slowest.

A Bad Egg
To be a bad egg means to be a bad person.
That boy has been in and out of jail all his life. He's a real bad egg.

A Big Cheese
A big cheese is a leader or important person
This client is a big cheese at his company, so be extra nice to him!

Bread And Butter
Your bread and butter are your staples or basic necessities.
Our company makes a few shirts for dogs, but our bread and butter is dog food.

Cool As A Cucumber
To be cool as a cucumber means to be calm and relaxed.
Even at her important job interview, Jamie was as cool as a cucumber.

Cup Of Tea
When something is your cup of tea, it means you enjoy it or are good at it.
Watching ice hockey is OK, but it's not really my cup of tea.

A Hard Nut To Crack
To be a hard nut to crack means to be difficult to understand or figure out.
The new guy at work is very quiet and looks like a hard nut to crack.

Out To Lunch
To be out to lunch is to be crazy or mad.
My boss doesn't understand how to run a company! He's totally out to lunch!