Halloween Idioms

source: EnglishAnyone   2011年10月8日
In honor of Halloween, here are some spooky Halloween idioms from EnglishAnyone.com! Enjoy and feel free to use them any time of the year!

A Devil Of A Job
A devil of a job is something extremely difficult to do.
We had a devil of a job trying to clean our home after the hurricane blew off the roof.

A Witch-hunt
A witch-hunt is the attempt to find and persecute, or punish, people believed to have dangerous, or unpopular, ideas or opinions. Real witch-hunts for people believed to be witches have occurred throughout history, but this idiom can be used to describe any situation where people are unjustly harassed for thinking differently.
Many people were unjustly accused during Senator McCarthy's witch-hunt for communists in America in the 1950's.

A Scaredy-cat
A scaredy-cat is someone who is frightened, or extremely scared, without reason. This is an informal idiom usually used by children.
Because my younger brother is such a scaredy-cat, he won't go down into the basement by himself.

Frankenstein's Monster
A Frankenstein's monster is something that is initially designed to be helpful but breaks free of control and ends up causing more harm than good.
Genetically modified plants may become Frankenstein's monsters that do more to hurt humanity than help it.

Be Chilled To The Bone
To be chilled to the bone means to be extremely cold. You are so cold that you can feel the cold in the core of your body.
I was chilled to the bone after playing outside all day long in the middle of winter.

Dead To The World
Someone dead to the world is in very deep sleep. This idiom can also be used to describe anyone so absorbed in something that they cannot be pulled from it.
My son is dead to the world when he plays his favorite video game.

Bad Blood
When people feel dislike or hate for one another, it is said that they have bad blood between them.
There has been bad blood between the two kangaroos ever since their fight.

Go Through Hell
To go through hell means to experience something very unpleasant for a long time.
I went through hell during my basic training in the army, but it made me stronger.