Phrasal Verbs With Look

source: Oxford Online English   2015年2月2日
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The five phrasal verbs with 'look' in this lesson:
1) Look out for
2) Look around
3) Look down on
4) Look into
5) Look ahead

--'Look out for' can have different meanings. The most common meaning is that you pay attention because something might happen or appear. It can have a similar meaning to 'be careful for', but we don't always use it about bad things. For example, if you are waiting for a friend, you might look out for them—you try to recognise them and see them coming.
--'Look around' means to visit all parts of a place. For example, if you want to rent an apartment, you might go to look around it first. If you are a tourist, you look around a city, to see what there is.
--'Look down on' means to treat someone with disrespect or contempt. If you look down on someone, it means you think you are better than others. It has quite a negative meaning, and is often used to describe people who are arrogant or snobby.
--'Look into' has a similar meaning to 'investigate'. It means to do research, or try to find out details about something. For example, the police might investigate a crime, or you might look into possible solutions to a problem at work.
--'Look ahead' means to think about the future and make long-term plans. It's common in business/professional contexts.