How to teach reading with phonics - 2/12 - CVCs (3 Letter Words) - Learn...

source: EnglishAnyone   2011年3月20日

Lesson 2 - Building Words
Learn how to connect short vowel and consonant sounds to create words. Learn to spell, pronounce and read basic words.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make basic words, remember how to spell them and continue to improve your pronunciation.
Building simple words in English is easy! Let's start by connecting one vowel and one consonant. Remember to use the short vowel and consonant sounds you learned in Lesson 1. Don't use the names of the letters. Please repeat after me. (Repeat letter pairs)
Now, let's try three letters and learn some words!(Repeat words.)
Excellent work! Making simple words, and remembering how to spell them, is pretty easy.
In your next lesson, we'll move on to more complex words.