Slang Words Starting With C

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年11月4日
Just remember that slang is CASUAL English! Use slang with your friends and people you know well! Don't use slang with your boss, with the police if you get arrested or when meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents for the first time!

Cool is a tricky English word and means different things to different people. Cool can mean relaxed under pressure, confident, smart, and serves as a general term for someone who does their own thing without caring about what others think.
My cousin is so cool! He plays the guitar and flies his own airplane.

We use the word catchy to refer to music that stays in your head. Music with a memorable or captivating beat or melody grabs or catches you. Any bit of music, even short pieces used in commercials can be catchy.
Every summer you'll hear catchy songs on the radio over and over again.

To be clueless is to not understand, or have no idea what's happening, either generally or in a specific situation. Because clues are bits of information, if I give you a clue about something, I am sharing a piece of information about it. Police usually look for clues to help solve crimes.
The suffix "less" means none at all. If I am homeless, I have no home.
I'm clueless about fixing things around my house, but I'm too cheap to hire a professional.

A cakewalk is something that is incredibly easy. This word comes from the party game of the same name where absolutely no skill is required to win one or more cakes.
My part-time job is a cakewalk. All I have to do is push a button once an hour.

A clique is a group of very close friends who usually don't socialize with non-members. Cliques usually form when large organizations like schools and companies have enough people to support smaller groupings of like-minded people. Some high school cliques you'll see in movies and TV shows include the jocks, or athletes, the pretty girls the jocks date, and the nerds, or good students who work study hard but wish they were jocks or pretty girls.
There are too many cliques to count at my school.

To cockblock a guy is to stop him, either on purpose or unintentionally, from either hitting on or sleeping with a woman he is interested in. To block something is to get in its way. In this case, the thing being blocked is the equipment in a man's pants. A man may cockblock another man if he is interested in the same woman and a woman can cockblock a man if the doesn't want him talking with her friend.
I was talking with that hot girl, but her friend cockblocked me before I could get her number.

In English slang, choice becomes an adjective that means high quality or excellent. A choice restaurant or a choice wine is considered well-chosen. Choice is only used when making an actual choice between alternatives. You can select a choice car, but you can't have a choice mom, no matter how cool she is, because you couldn't choose her.
This is a choice club! How did you get on the guest list?

To go commando is to not wear underwear. This expression is said to have come from soldiers who remove their sweaty underwear after long marches to improve ventilation.
It's a beautiful spring day and I just felt like going commando!

A chicken is someone who is scared. This word is used to challenge, taunt or tease people when they do not want to do something they are uncomfortable with. For added emphasis, the person calling someone a chicken may imitate the sound of a chicken after a challenge.
Are you going to ask that girl for her number, or are you chicken? (B... b... b-gawk!)

Chill (Chill Out)
As the literal meaning of the word chill is to make something cold, the slang meaning of the word is to relax and slow down. To chill is the opposite of doing something fast and exciting. You chill, or relax, at home and watch a movie on a Friday night.
It was really nice just to relax and chill on the beach over my vacation.

Crap is the less strong version of shit and means something bad or undesirable like old junk we no longer want. We can also use it when we're upset or frustrated in polite company. Crap! I forgot to feed my cat today!
Look at all this crap! Why did we buy all of useless junk?