Slang Words Starting With D

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年12月3日
Just remember that slang is CASUAL English! Use slang with your friends and people you know well! Don't use slang with your boss, with the police if you get arrested or when meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents for the first time!

A deadbeat is a lazy person who usually relies on others for the things they need. A friend may spend the night on your couch, but if they live there, they're probably a deadbeat. A deadbeat is also someone who fails to do what they should be doing.
That deadbeat father never sent any money to help support his children after his divorce.

Diss is short for disrespect. When you say something bad about someone, or insult them, you are dissing them. Diss can also be a noun.
I got teased and dissed a lot while playing basketball yesterday because I'm a really awful player.

When something is hurt or broken, it is damaged. As slang, we use the term damage to describe the cost of something we don't really want to pay for. If a car repair costs $100, your wallet takes the "damage" of $100. You suffer "damage" when you have to pay for your child's braces, but not when you take a date out for dinner. When asking a friend how much something cost, you can ask, "What was the damage?"
I just found out that my kid needs special shoes. The damage could be a few hundred dollars.

To deck someone is to punch them so hard that they are knocked to the floor. You can also be hit really hard by something, get knocked down, and still be considered "decked."
The kangaroo got decked and hit the ground hard.

To keep something on the down-low is to keep it secret. People can keep things on the down-low and companies can also keep new ideas on the down-low.
I'm working on a new product for my company, but I'm keeping it on the down-low until everything is ready.

Dirt is embarrassing or private information about someone which could hurt their reputation if revealed. Political candidates often "dig up dirt" on their opponents to injure their reputation before elections. To know a dark secret about someone is to have dirt on them.
Those guys have dirt on me, so we'd better be nice to them.

A drag is something tiring, depressing or sad. Being trapped inside doing your taxes on a sunny day can be a real drag.
It was a real drag missing the party last night because I had to work late.

A dud refers to a machine, or something like an explosive, that works improperly or not at all. A toaster that only burns toast is a dud. A person who doesn't live up to certain expectations can also be considered a dud.
She heard all of these great things about that guy before their date, but he turned out to be a real dud.

Just like a dull, or unsharpened, knife, anything boring or uninteresting can be considered dull. Hopefully you don't find this English lesson dull!
The lecture on island rocks I went to yesterday was really dull.

A dump is an uninviting or dirty place. To dump something means to pour or drop it without care. Garbage is often taken to garbage dumps. A dumpster is a big trash container, and a dumpster diver is someone who goes looking through trash to find valuable things people may have thrown away.
Before my girlfriend comes over, I'd better clean up my dump of an apartment.

A doodle is a quick drawing, usually made when you're not paying attention to what you're working on. Students will sometimes doodle in dull classes if teachers don't keep them entertained.
I often doodle while I'm on the phone and have drawn some really cool designs.