Slang Words Starting With G

source: EnglishAnyone    2012年3月15日
Just remember that slang is CASUAL English! Use slang with your friends and people you know well! Don't use slang with your boss, with the police if you get arrested or when meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents for the first time!

Gobbledygook is spoken or written words or sounds with no meaning. When computer code becomes Gobbledygook, it's impossible to read and understand. Babies often speak gobbledygook as they learn to speak a language.
When I restarted my computer, my whole essay turned into gobbledygook!

Someone is considered green when they lack experience or begin doing something for the first time. New students, employees and teammates are all green.
Because you're green, you won't have much responsibility at this company.

To gab means to talk or chatter about unimportant or ordinary things. Casual conversation is usually a form of gabbing. When you have important information to share, you talk, but you gab about a TV show when you're waiting for the bus.
My sisters love to gab on the phone all day.

I'm American, but Alec would say the word more like this: geezer. Geezer is British slang for man. Any man can be a geezer, but this slang is used particularly for old men.
Someone should buy that geezer a new hat!

Goof off
A goof is a small mistake. Jumble your words when you speak and you make a goof. To goof off means to be silly or not do what you should be doing. If you have work to do but you decide to play some games instead, you're goofing off or goofing around.
I should be packing for my trip, but it's more fun to goof off at the fair!

Just like the word "absotively," which is a combination of the words absolutely and positively, "ginormous" is a combination of the words gigantic and enormous, and means really, really big! An elephant is big, but a brachiosaur, one of the largest dinosaurs, is ginormous!
Earth is big, but The Sun is ginormous!

Gnarly has many different uses, much like the word "cool." Gnarly, in the positive sense, means great, awesome or fantastic. To a surfer, a powerful, ginormous wave is gnarly. Negatively, gnarly can be used to mean weird or suspicious. "This green and brown soup looks a bit gnarly to me."
I did a gnarly, 360 degree jump on my skateboard!

Good Call
A good call is a good idea or decision. "Good call" is also used frequently when judging sporting events. If a referee, judge or umpire makes a good decision regarding a play, he's considered to have made a good call. A "bad call" is the opposite of a good call and a "close call," or a "tough call," is a call that's difficult to make. "I don't know if I like this pasta. It's a tough call."
Good call on this restaurant! This place is cheap AND delicious!

Gravy is anything that's really easy. A job where you sit around watching YouTube videos of cats all day is gravy.
My life is gravy because I can sleep all day and eat the tourists!

Greasy Spoon
A greasy spoon is a cheap and/or low quality restaurant like a diner or a cafe. This term is older American English, but it's still used in smaller towns and for local diners in cities.
Food from a greasy spoon usually isn't good for you, but it sure can be tasty!

Grub is a very casual way of saying food. You can pick up some grub or eat some grub. Just remember that grub is an UNcountable noun! If you eat some grub, you're eating some casual food, but if you eat A grub you're eating a baby insect!
Let's grab some grub at that local greasy spoon you like!