Slang Words Starting With I

source: EnglishAnyone     2012年5月2日
Just remember that slang is CASUAL English! Use slang with your friends and people you know well! Don't use slang with your boss, with the police if you get arrested or when meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents for the first time!

Ice is the slang word for fancy jewelry like diamonds. You'll most often hear this word used in rap music. With a very different meaning, to "ice" someone means to kill them.
My lady has expensive taste and loves to be covered in ice from head to toe.

Idiot Box
Idiot box is another word for television, because many people think TV makes people mindless, stupid and unproductive.
Stare at the idiot box for too long and your mind will turn to mush!

ID is short for identification. An ID can be anything from a driver's license to a passport or a library card.
You'll have to show your member's card and ID if you want to rent a car here.

Itch in the usual sense means irritated, uncomfortable skin, usually in the form of a bite from an insect, that you can't stop touching. Similarly, the slang definition of itch means an intense desire to do something. If you have an itch to play soccer, you really want to play soccer. To act on your desire, or relieve your itch, is to scratch your itch.
I'd better scratch my itch to open my own seaside restaurant soon, before I go crazy!

An item is a couple in a relationship. When two people fall in love or start dating, they become an item. People that follow celebrity relationships often talk about two celebrities becoming "quite the item."
My friend and his girlfriend fell in love last year and have been a serious item ever since.

To inhale something is to eat it incredibly fast as if you were inhaling air. People that inhale their food often look like vacuum cleaners sucking food off of plates.
Don't inhale your food! Eat slowly and chew properly.

What's popular, trendy and fashionable during a particular time period is considered "in style" or just "in." Trendy music, food, fashion, events and anything else in popular culture can be called "in." Popular people can also be considered "in," and the popular group of people at a school or organization is known as the "in crowd."
I'll never be cool enough to keep up with what's "in" today.

In The bag
Something that's in the bag is easily or assuredly achievable. To remember this phrase, think of something that's in the bag as if it's something you're already holding. If you know that you will win a game, then victory's in the bag.
We're winning by 30 points with only one minute to go! Victory's in the bag!

In The Know
Someone who's in the know is someone who has information that others don't. If you receive information before others, or know secret, confidential information, you're considered to be in the know.
My friend gets all the great deals when buying rental properties because he's in the know.

Something that's in-your-face is something loud, aggressive, obnoxious and/or confrontational. People can be in-your-face if they are literally standing close to you and being aggressive. Advertising can also be in-your-face if it's loud, distracting and annoying.
I wanted to sit and read a book but this other guy at the library was all in my face and annoying me with questions.

Something that's iffy is doubtful, suspect or questionable. Anything you're unsure of can be iffy. If the water you're about to drink looks green, even though you're told it's OK to drink, you'd be right to call the water "iffy."
I'd like to go out and have a picnic today, but the weather looks a little iffy.