Talking About Love in English ❤️ | Advanced

source: To Fluency    2017年2月6日
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In this English lesson, you're going to listen to an advanced conversation in English about Valentine's Day and love. This will give you vital listening practice and you're going to learn new words and phrases.

We’re filming this in February
There’s sometimes a lot of pressure to do things in a certain way
We realized that we had a lot of memories of Valentine’s Day from growing up
We have some good memories and some bad memories
One of the main things that people do is send and receive cards
Everybody would buy or make cards for everybody in their class
What did we call these?
And they would say a little message like “fax me”
Now it would be ‘send me a Snap’
So, you would attach those to the card and send them to…
As you get older, it’s less typical to give people Valentine’s
I don’t remember sending Valentine’s cards to everybody in the class
you would put from your secret admirer
The idea is that you don’t tell people who the card is from.
A lot of times, though, they would guess who it is/was
what you’d do is you’d give the card to a friend to give to them
but you could always write your name
How many secret admirers’ Valentine’s cards did you send?
I used to send one every year
Sometimes, I was in, you know, a relationship when I was 12 or 13
I remember receiving cards from secret admirers… PLURAL
So, you only gave one special girl a card every year.
There was a lot of pressure to be in a relationship for Valentine’s Day
I’m pretty sure we didn’t have that
I just can’t remember
This is something that we didn’t really understand growing up
Dating is big in America
Going to a nice restaurant
We have our baby here, by the way, you may hear her
She’s very excited about us having this conversation
You would have a fancy meal with your loved one
I imagine that it’s very difficult to get into restaurants on Valentine’s Day
You have to book in advance
Yet I feel like it’s generally not the men who care as much about Valentine’s Day
I think it’s different once you get married
There is a lot of pressure on the male
Yet I feel like it’s generally not the men who care as much about Valentine’s Day
By the way, I’m just kidding
Are we in a relationship?
We were in a long-distance relationship
We met each other in person which is not always the case
Well, that’s it because things have changed
Meeting someone at a bar
Online dating is a big thing
It’s just changed the way that people date and start relationships
Have you ever online dated?
I put my profile up there and went on a few dates
You would see a very young version of me with information about the music I liked
What bands did you put on your profile?
I can't remember what I had on that, to be honest.
I choose not to remember
Based on your profile, I think I would have wanted to go on a date with you?
What kind of music do you like?
I didn’t get into any relationship from it
That’s what I have in my head when I’m thinking about going bowling
Old style date
What is your ideal date?
What I really liked about Spain was when you could just go to a few bars
I like to be out and about
That’s what I enjoy doing
But we have just never got around to it
Bar-hopping or restaurant-hopping
You’re the main ingredient in my ideal date
If you’re sitting down at the same restaurant for 2-3 hours, it can get a little bit boring
Sometimes, we’re restricted for time
Do you believe in soul mates?
This is going to sound so cheesy…
We weren’t even supposed to be in the same place at the same time
there are a certain amount of people that you’re compatible with
Do you believe in the phrase: opposites attract?
Well, yeah, from what I remember.
Who do you have a crush on?
It’s a secret crush
Do you like like that person?
We used to say that too.
To go on a blind date
It’s somebody who a friend of a friend has set you up with
I’ve never been on a blind date