What is the Difference Between May and Might ?

source: Go Natural English    2014年9月14日
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These words are very similar but this video will help you know when to use them and when to
use a different word completely.
‘May’ is used when you’re asking for permission.
For example:
‘May I go to the restroom?’
Have you ever asked, ‘Can I go to the bathroom?’ and then had someone correct you and
say, ‘May I go to the restroom?’
When do you use Might?
‘Might’ is used when you are discussing the possibility of doing something. Maybe something
that you wouldn’t usually do.
For example:
‘Do you want to go skydiving?’
‘I might.’
Can you see the difference?
Do you use ‘May’ or ‘Might’ when asking for something to drink?
‘May I have something to drink?’
Do you use ‘May’ or ‘Might’ when responding to a question about your future plans?
‘Are you going to the movies with me tomorrow?’
‘I might.’
It’s that simple!