BBC News Review: Colombia rejects deal to end conflict with rebels

source: BBC Learning English    2016年10月4日
Voters in Colombia have narrowly rejected a peace deal with Farc rebels in a referendum. Join Neil and Sian to discover the language the world's media is using to talk about this story.
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The story
The Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, has met opposition leaders to find a way to salvage the peace process after voters rejected a deal that was four years in the making.
He's appointed senior officials to discuss ways of amending the landmark peace agreement with the Farc rebel group.
Leonardo Rocha - BBC News
Two cabinet ministers and the man who led the negotiations with the Farc, Humberto De La Calle, have been appointed by Mr Santos to talk to the opposition.
They will try to find some common ground to save the peace process. The leader of the 'no' campaign, the former president Álvaro Uribe has demanded changes to the terms of the agreement if he's to support it. Like many Colombians Mr Uribe believes the government gave the rebels too many concessions. He wants those who committed serious crimes to serve time in jail and more compensation for the victims of five decades of conflict.

Key words and phrases:
common ground: something people agree about, especially when they disagree about other things
pick yourself up: recover from a difficult situation
scramble: try very hard to do something in a hurry, often when competing with other people
Farc: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia