English Swear words/Bad words & their alternatives - with Niharika

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年3月23日

Fuck – The word fuck is also called the F word. So when you are angry and have to yell ‘Fuck’, you might say ‘fudge’, ‘Freak’, or ‘Flippin’

Shit – That’s the next most commonly used swear word in English. So you don’t have to say Shit, you could use the alternatives ‘Shoot’ or even ‘Crap’

Hell- Instead of using the word hell, you might want to try the word ‘Heck’

Damn- Generally you hear people say –‘That’s damn good’. You could actually say ‘That’s darn good’.

Son of a bitch- This is an extremely bad word even if you are really upset or angry. Avoid this swear word under all circumstances. Get rid of the word ‘Bitch’; replace it with ‘Gun’ – Son of a gun.

Oh my God – So, God is actually not very to use as a swear word. Instead, you could say – ‘Oh my gosh!’ or ‘Oh my goodness’

Jesus - And then, sometimes people say, like, Jesus, when they’re really frustrated about something, or they’re amazed by something, but you can say jeez/geez.

Holy shit- And then, the final one, some people say holy shit. So, holy is obviously something that’s very, like, religious, very sacred. So, you can say holy cow.