How to teach reading with phonics - 9/12 - Long I Sound

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年3月20日
Lesson 9 - Long I
Learn some letter combinations that make the Long I sound.
In this lesson, you'll learn some common spellings of the long I sound. Ie and igh can make the long I sound.
Let's start with the ie combination. This combination can be very tricky. The ie combination can make long E and long I sounds. Here are three examples of the ie combination making the long I sound. (Repeat words)
Alien is an example of the ie combination making the long e sound.
Field, chief and thief are other examples.
Usually, if the ie combination is in the middle of a word, it makes the long E sound. If it is at the end of the word, then it makes the long I sound. And if the ie comes after the letter c, then it becomes ei and makes the long E sound. Ceiling, receipt, receive are three examples.
Now let's return to igh. Here are two examples. (Repeat words)
Fantastic job! We're almost finished! Continue to practice and look for these letter combinations in the words you read. In your next lesson, we'll look at the long O sound.