7 Quick & Easy ways to learn English faster.

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年4月26日

A Song a day –
Listen to one English song every day. The best way to learn English through songs is to watch the songs on YouTube with subtitles. Whenever you come across a difficult word or don’t understand the pronunciation. You could figure that out by looking at the subtitles.

Call a customer service –
You could call up a customer service hotline of your service providers such as a mobile phone company or an internet service provider. On the IVR select the language as English. When you speak to the customer service representative, it gives you a good practice on listening and speaking English. You could call up many other service providers to enquire for a product or a service. It’s a great opportunity to practice English as these representatives are fluent in their English communication skills.

Host a dinner-
This is a very good idea to learn English over dinner, food and learning, isn’t it? Invite some of your friends or colleagues who are at the same level of English as yours, you could also invite someone who speaks good English, set the communication theme as English. This is a great opportunity to interact with people in English and you are learning English actually used in the real world.

Watch movies with subtitles-
As we looked earlier how you could learn English through songs, similarly you could learn English through movies. Choose your genre of movies such as fiction, action, true events etc. and set the subtitles on.

Learn two words a day –
I am sure you have heard this many times, but I would like to add something here. Implement the newly learned words in your everyday conversation. You could also visit our YouTube channel Daily Video Vocabulary – http://www.youtube.com/letstalkpodcast to learn new words daily and how to use them in your daily conversation.

A post a day on Facebook-
Post something every day on your Facebook account. You are sure you get some reactions, comments on that post, reply to these comments in English. Something very important, don’t use short forms such as TAT(Thanks a tonne) avoid such abbreviations, remember you are learning English.

Reading hoardings and signboards-
As you travel you come across a lot of hoardings and sign boards displayed on the streets, shops for publicity. This is a great opportunity to learn new words and enhances your vocabulary.