BBC News Review: Frog death mystery in Peru

source: BBC Learning English    2016年10月18日
Thousands of frogs have been found dead in Peru. Join Neil and Sian to discover the language the world's media is using to talk about this story.
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The story:
The Peruvian environmental agency is investigating the deaths of about 10,000 frogs, whose bodies have been found in the river in the south of the country. A local campaign group says pollution in the River Coata is to blame for the deaths.
Leonardo Rocher - BBC News
The Titicaca water frogs are an endangered species that lives exclusively in the huge freshwater lake shared by Peru and Bolivia and its tributaries. The number of residents around South America's largest lake has increased sharply in the past two decades, while the number of frogs there is estimated to have declined by 80%. Residents say the government has done too little to deal with the impact of humans in the area. They are calling for a sewage treatment plant to be built near the regional capital, Puno.

Key words and phrases:
endangered species: a type of animal or plant that might stop existing because there are only a few of that type alive
get to the bottom of: to discover the truth about something or find the cause of something
a turn of events: a change in a situation
pleas: serious and emotional requests for something