Reduction and Linking (Pronunciation with Rachel)

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source: Rachel's English     2012年10月3日

How to Pronounce 'to the' in a Sentence: American English 3:24
On the Farm - T pronunciations, kinda, and reductions! 6:36
Visit Coney Island! (And Study American English Pronunciation) 9:28
How to Pronounce the Word THEM - American English 3:14
How to Pronounce the Word 'TO' - American English 5:19
TSUP!? - it's, what's, that's as TS: American English Pronunciation 4:02
Pronunciation Focus: 'Gonna': American English 6:08
How to Link the TH Sound: American English Pronunciation 8:38
How to Pronounce the word BECAUSE - American English 5:07
How to Pronounce 'gonna' and 'gotta': Reduction and Linking 13:10
How to Pronounce the Word OR: American English 2:16
How to pronounce CAN: American English 4:32
How to Pronounce "I have got to" + Thanksgiving 2011! 6:03
English Pronunciation: how to pronounce the Word AND 3:50
Function Words - Intonation/Word Stress 5:34
English Pronunciation - Reduction: the word FOR 2:22
American English: How to pronounce the Word ARE 3:07
English Pronunciation - Linking: Consonant to Vowel 3:36
English Pronunciation - Linking: Vowel to Vowel 4:12
TYPOS--How to Link: Vowel to Vowel 4:12
How to Link: words that begin with H 6:26
Intro to Linking: American English Pronunciation 3:20
How to Link: F/V with the W: American English Pronunciation 2:38
American English Word Stress: Unstressed vs Reduced syllables 2:09