07 English idioms for effective communication

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年5月14日

To get hold of – to manage to contact someone
Example: I have been trying to get hold of you since yesterday, please meet me immediately.

To give the low down – to give complete information
Example: I missed the football match yesterday; I need a low down on everything.

To hear through the grapevine- to get some information, mostly gossip or rumors through friends or informally.
Example: I heard through the grapevine that Peter split up with his girlfriend

Touch base – to renew communication
Example: I need to touch base with you regarding our old business ideas.

Word of mouth – promote something through conversation
Example: My salon has been getting a lot of customers just through word of mouth

To put someone in the picture – to make someone aware
Example: We need to put the new guy at work, Charles in the picture so that he gets familiar with everything

Can’t make head or tail of anything – unable/ fail to understand any information or situation
Example: This report is of no use because I can’t make head or tail of anything it states.