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There's a common phrase when you are leaving a company. 'Don't burn the bridge. This is basically saying you should leave on a good term. If you leave on a good note, then you have the option of coming back to the company or your position if something goes wrong with your next job. So basically, you are leaving the bridge back to your position. Watch this complete lesson with me on Let’s talk about “how to quit a job professionally” with me Michelle.

Can anything be done about this?
1 If you don’t want to work on a particular project, you could say "I have been asking to take on Program Management responsibilities here. ”
If you want a higher salary, you could say "Well, they are offering me a higher salary. Would it be possible for you guys to match this?"

2 -"I shouldn't pass this up”
If you are leaving because you have an offer from a different company, you could tell you manager: “I shouldn't pass this up. I am at a point where I want to find other challenges. “

3- I have to put in my two week notice.
Meaning: Giving a two week notice is standard. This gives your current employer the chance to hire someone to replace you. It also gives some time for you to finish the remaining work you have to do. Not giving a two week notice is one way to burn a bridge. To give a Two week notice is also an opportunity to appreciate and end on a good note.
Example: I really enjoyed my time here and I appreciated all your help on my tasks but I have to put in my two week notice.

4 -I want to take a break:
Meaning: If you want to take a break from your job for a while and join back the same company later, you could say:
I want to take a break to spend more time with my family (personal time)/ I am going to travel for a year (travel)

5- Next Friday is my last day
Meaning: This is a casual and informal phrase. You can use this to tell your close friend at work that you’re quitting.

6- I’m leaving this dump
Meaning: This is rude and offensive because you’re calling your workplace a garbage dump. Be careful with using this.

7- I got screwed here so many times
Meaning: You would use this phrase if you faced trouble at the work place so many times.

8- It was great working with you
Meaning: This is a positive and encouraging phrase that will help you leave on good terms. This is what you can say to your co-worker who is not a close friend.

9- Let me know if they have any other opening –
If someone else is leaving, then you can say something good like this. It can be used if you also want to join their new workplace.

10. Save me a seat-
Meaning: This would be used when you want them to recommend you at their new workplace.

11. "Good luck with your new career."
Meaning: This phrase would be used when you honestly want to wish someone well for their future, this could be used for someone you look up to or someone who inspires you with their work.

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