Confusion in English - Alright or All right?

source: Twominute English     2013年7月3日
The words "alright" and "all right" often create confusion for new learners of English. What's the difference between "alright" and "all right" or is there a difference at all? We use these words every now and then in English, especially while talking. Let's learn through this video the actual meanings of the words and how to use them in different situations.
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0:06 In this lesson you will learn about the words “alright” and “all right” and how to use them.
0:20 “Alright” is the short form of “all right”. The two have almost the same meanings. However we use them in a slightly different way.
0:30 Let’s see the phrase ‘all right’. ‘All right’ means accepted, permitted or all correct.
0:39 For example: The electrician came today to make sure that the wirings were all right.
0:48 I get that! ‘All right’ is sometimes used to ask permission. Is it all right for me to go swimming at night?
0:56 That’s correct! Good example. “Alright” is actually informal, although it is gradually being accepted in modern English dialogue.
1:07 It’s better to avoid this word while writing English, since many grammarians still do not consider this word as standard.
1:16 Alright. But it’s fine to use it while speaking. It is the same as saying “Okay”.
1:24 We may use it sometimes to mean that something is just satisfactory or fine.
1:30 That’s alright for now. Let’s see some conversations.
1:35 Yes, sure! Be careful not to use ‘alright’ in serious writings. It’s just the informal form of “all right”
1:46 Alright, alright! I’ll remember that!
1:56 Are you alright, Vincent?
1:58 It’s my allergy, I just ate some sesame seeds.
2:01 Alright. Let me get you some medicine.
2:05 Will I be all right after an hour? I gotta go to a meeting.
2:08 Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.
2:16 Selena, I need your car keys.
2:19 Huh! But my car is not all right. Its tires are flat.
2:24 I will take it to be repaired. Alright?
2:26 Alright then, take the keys from the door hook.
2:33 Is it all right if I go swimming at night?
2:42 Alright, alright! I’ll remember that!
2:52 Are you alright, Vincent?
2:59 Alright then, take the keys from the door hook.
3:08 Alright?