Phrases with dead, that doesn’t mean death – Imp...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年5月10日
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Dead end:
Meaning- an end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible
Example - The hospital is at the dead end of the road.

Dead beat:
Meaning- an idle, freckless, or disreputable person
Example - Chase is always idle, he is a deadbeat.

Dead meat:
Meaning- used to suggest someone is in serious trouble
Example - Jack is dead meat!

Dead to the world:
Meaning- fast asleep.
Example - Ryle falls dead to the world by 8pm.

As good as dead:
Meaning- being in a very bad situation with no way out.
Example - Almost dead, he was as good as dead.

Dead of the night:
Meaning- The quietest, darkest part of the night
Example - I woke up at the dead of the night

Dead on my feet:
Meaning- Get some sleep
Example - You must be dead on your feet.

Dead set against:
Meaning- strongly opposed to
Example - They were dead set against seeing any more open spaces divided up.