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source: Crown Academy of English    2017年5月2日
In this English grammar lesson, you will learn 6 uses of the preposition BY

“by" is a very common word in English.
In this lesson, you’ll learn 6 common uses of “by” as a preposition.
“by" is usually a preposition but it can also be used as an adverb.

“by” + place
The meaning is: beside / at the side of / next to
Example: The house is by a lake.

by + noun
to describe travel.
by + train, car, boat, plane, taxi, bus.
Example: I went to London by train.

to describe communication:
by + phone, email, post, fax
Example: I will send you the report by fax.

to describe methods of payment:
by + credit card, cheque
Example: We paid for the car by cheque.

by and the passive
In the passive voice, “by” indicates WHO is doing the action.
Example: The floor is being cleaned by Jane.

by + reflexive pronoun
This means to do something alone.
Example: I visited London by myself.

by + ING form of verb
This describes how to do something. How to achieve a particular result.
Example: You can turn on the television by pressing that button.

“by” + time expression
The meaning is not later than. Before or at a particular time. We use this structure for deadlines.
Example: You must leave the hotel room by 11 am.

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