4 ways to use the word 'round' – Pygmalion part 1

source: BBC Learning English    2016年8月18日
The English word ‘round’ has many meanings and uses. In this video, we bring you BBC Learning English's own version of the classic story Pygmalion - and we've found many different ways to use the word' round' in it.
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Hello, I'm Lizzie. Today I've got a story that dates back thousands of years. It involves a man who's a sculptor and who, through his skilful work, hopes to find the perfect woman. This man is called Pygmalion. A group of prostitutes are in the street, not behaving very well. These women have been punished by the goddess Aphrodite, for not believing in her, by removing their inhibitions – and their wild behaviour is driving him around the bend.

Pygmalion is not impressed. He hasn't met many women but soon he comes round to the idea that this is how all women behave and decides that he's going to ignore all women from now on.

Instead of talking to and meeting women, he decides to 'make' his ideal woman by carefully and delicately sculpturing an ivory statue. He works his way round and round the block, chiselling and carving away at pieces.

He works round the clock until eventually he creates a beautiful sculpture. In fact it is so lifelike that Pygmalion actually falls in love with the statue, almost believing it is human. He kisses it all over – yuk! But, sadly, the statue will never love him back.