8 ways to use the word 'look' - Pride and Prejudice part 1

source: BBC Learning English    2016年8月4日
Unspoken love, romance and missed opportunities
You can watch part 2 here and see 3 more uses of the word 'look': http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/...

Hello, I'm Lizzie. Today, I've got a story about unspoken love, romance and missed opportunities. It's about a young, beautiful girl called Elizabeth, whose mother is looking for a good man to marry her.

Elizabeth would love to meet the man of her dreams too, and thinks she has when she attends a very smart party. He's called William Darcy - a wealthy man who has the looks - rather handsome, shiny, thick black hair, dark brown eyes, smartly dressed, very tall and not only that, he has the look of someone very important – oh, and did I mention he's single?

But there's a problem. William is very proud and isn't big on talking - and being a wealthy and important man, he looks on someone from a lower status in society, such as Elizabeth's family, with contempt. Oooh… but there's something about Elizabeth that interests him.

However, she hears about some bad things he's done and it looks like he's someone best to avoid so she decides to steer clear of him. Then she gets some more bad news. One of William's friends, who at one stage had been looking to marry her sister Jane, moves away. Elizabeth is angry and annoyed for her sister and decides to travel to see him and his family to discover the real reason for his sudden departure and change of mind.

By chance, she bumps into William again, and it looks as if he still has the hots for Elizabeth because he asks her to marry him. Ahh, how romantic. But believing all the rumours she thinks of him as someone not to be trusted, so she says politely says 'no' and returns home. He's surprised by her decision and writes to her explaining why all of the bad things she's heard about him are untrue. She looks over his letter and realises how stupid she has been to have judged him so badly. Awkward!

We'll leave the story there. Join me again to find out what happens next. See you!