How to Request an Email Reply - Learn to Write Well in English

source: JenniferESL    2017年6月8日
Learn to write appropriate and effective emails by learning common phrases and studying models. I'll share both personal and business email messages.
0:01 Introduction
0:20 Lesson title
0:28 Model 1 - personal email to friend
1:55 Tips on stating the urgency of a message
2:11 Useful phrases for requesting a response
2:49 Model 2 - sending a second email to follow-up
3:43 Tips on confirming receipt
4:06 Useful phrases for confirming receipt
4:51 Tips for writing business email messages
5:12 Model 3 - business email to confirm receipt
5:58 Tips for handling a late response
6:12 Model 4 - business email to apologize for a delayed response
6:47 Useful phrases to apologize for a late response
7:08 Lesson ending