Useful Idioms and phrases with ‘WATER’ you may not know

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年6月7日

A fish out of water - Feel uncomfortable, restless, struggling to survive
Since I’ve been struggling with finances I feel like a fish out of water.

Come hell or high water – you mean you will definitely do something irrespective of the difficulties involved
I’m going to learn to ride a bike this year, come hell or high water.
Note: the word hell can sound offensive so, in a professional situation, you can use no matter what, in place of hell.

In deep water – in a difficult situation or in trouble
Our customers have to leave a lot of negative feedback on our website; I think we are in deep trouble.

In hot water – when you know that somebody will be angry with you
Tim borrowed his elder brother’s watch and lost it, he is going to be in hot water.

Dead in the water – something that has stopped without any chance of progress or success
Unfortunately, our plan to open the second outlet is dead in the water.

Keep your head above water –trying very hard to survive financially or barely able to handle the workload
After the manager resigned, I have been struggling to keep my head above water.

A watering hole – slang word for a bar
Actually, means a small pond or lake where wild animals go to drink water
There is a new watering hole in town, let’s check it out on this Saturday.

Test the waters – to find out more about a situation before you get involved in it
Before I decided to become a full-time photographer, I tested the waters by taking up a few freelancing projects.